Poseidon2 3268: Ethernet I/O control and sensor monitoring system

Poseidon2 3268 monitors sensors and controls I/O over a network. Logs data, alerts to high temperature, sends e-mails and can be connected to a cloud sensor system. Supports dry contacts (4x digital input), 8 external sensors and can control relay outputs (2x digital output). Supports M2M protocols – SNMP (SNMPv3), Modbus/TCP, XML, and the Sensdesk.com online portal.

Poseidon2 3268 enables remote I/O control and monitoring over the Ethernet. Poseidon2 is connected to the LAN, reads measurements, and stores the measurements in its internal memory (data logger). I/O can be controlled over the Ethernet. Relay outputs can be controlled over the Web, or according to the value of a connected sensor (“IP Thermostat” or “IP Hygrostat” mode).
Poseidon 2 Ethernet üzerinden yerel ağa bağlanır, ölçümleri alır ve bu ölçümleri dahili hafızasında saklar (veri kaydedici). G/Ç, Ethernet üzerinden kontrol edilebilir. Röle çıkışları Web üzerinden ya da bağlı sensörün değerine göre( "IP Termostat" ya da "IP Higrostat" modu) kontrol edilebilir.

Sensors and detectors

Up to 8 sensors, 4 dry contact inputs and 2 relay outputs can be connected.
Temperature and humidity sensors (indoor/outdoor), light intensity sensors, DC/AC current and voltage converters are supplied by HW Group. Digital Inputs can be connected to smoke detectors, power failure detectors, water flood detection, and more.

E-mail and SMS

When a value is out of a specified range, Poseidon2 sends an e-mail, a SNMP Trap, or a text message (SMS). Text messages can be sent without any additional software. All HW group devices can send text messages (SMS) through a single central gateway, the HWg-SMS-GW. Just a single SIM card can serve all your devices.

 Web interface, software, mobile apps

The device can be accessed over the web, using a mobile phone app (Android, iPhone), or through an online portal. Temperature alarms, for example, can be sent by e-mail or SMS.

For data collection and monitoring, we recommend our HWg-PDMS application that displays graphs and exports data to MS Excel. For “IF-THEN” event management (e.g. “If one out of 10 devices fails, send a SMS to the admin”), we provide the “HWg-Trigger” application for Windows.

Poseidon2 3268 can be connected to various third-party applications or cloud services using various protocols (SNMPv3, Modbus/TCP, XML, HWg-Push).

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  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10/100 BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Data logger: Data logger for more than 250.000 records
  • Sensors: 2xRJ11 – max. 8 external sensors (1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI)
    Can measure: humidity, voltage, current, 4-20mA, illumination, temperature (incl. Pt100, Pt1000) and many other quantities...
  • Digital Inputs (DI): 4x DI for dry contacts (state detectors)
    Supports: Door contacts, smoke detectors, 110/230V power supply detector, water leak detector, fan failure detector
  • Digital Outputs (DO): 2x DO relay output (low-voltage NO/NC relay contact)
  • Power: 9-30V DC
  • Mechanical: Metal box, 100 x 94 x 25 [mm] (H x W x D) / 260 g – wall-mountable, fits on a DIN rail.
  • Warranty: 2 years


Online Portal

SensDeskFree online portal for LAN and GSM sensors from HW group.











Software and applications

Usage examples

  • Temperature alarms and a thermostat in IT
    Sends an e-mail/SMS alert and turns on additional cooling or ventilation whenever the temperature is high.

  • Switching HVAC / ventilation in a cabinet
    Detects open/closed door and controls the electronic lock.
  • Remote I/O control and monitoring over the Ethernet
    Monitors a remote environment, sensor values can be fed into any SNMP system. Enables remote reading of dry contact inputs and remote control of relay outputs (to turn on HVAC, restart a server, start a diesel generator, ...).
  • Surveillance systems
    Sensor readings and detector states can be fed to IP camera systems of various brands. Digital Outputs can be used to turn on the lights in a certain zone or open/close gates.

  • Industrial applications
    Remote monitoring of dry contacts, 4-20mA probes or Pt-100 and Pt-1000 temperature probes.
    Data logger stores the values in the internal memory. Modbus/TCP protocol can be used for integration with SCADA systems.
  • Cooler and freezer monitoring + alarm indication
    Measures temperature and humidity in a cooler or a freezer. When a value is out of a safe range, a relay output is activated to e.g. light up a warning light or sound a horn. Suitable for monitoring storages of food or pharmaceuticals. We recommend the PDMS software to monitor temperature.

Case Study: Controlling back-up A/C + remote environment monitoring system

  • When the main A/C fails (temperature in the room becomes too high), Poseidon2 3268 turns on back-up A/C and alerts the operator.
  • Remote environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, smoke detector, door contact).
  • A back-up A/C unit is controlled by a Poseidon2 3268 relay output (“thermostat” function).
  • When the temperature in the room exceeds a specified threshold, Poseidon2 sends a temperature alert - warning e-mail or SMS.
  • Smoke detector is powered directly from the power-out output of Poseidon2 3268.
  • SMS can be sent using the HWg-SMS-GW unit or the HWg-Trigger utility for Windows. It works as a temperature monitoring system.
  • Values are logged, the log can be displayed and processed e.g. in the HWg-PDMS utility for Windows.
  • Sensor system connected to a NMS (SNMP monitoring system) or SCADA (Modbus/TCP) system.


1-Wire UNI sensors

Max length 60 m

Temperature - Temp-1Wire

Humidity - Humid-1Wire

DC 60V Voltage

AC Current 0..30A

4.20mA Sensor

30A Current Probe

Light Sensor


Water Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector

Smoke detector

Motion PIR Detector

Door Contact