Seber Technology Products

STE 2 WiFi Termometre
  • WiFi and Ethernet Connection
  • PoE Support
  • Out of the Box Plug and Play capability with one temperature sesor included
  • Monitoring and Setup via any browser window
  • Free Web Portal Connection
  • İphone, Android monitoring via SensDesk Portal
  • Support for 3 Digital Sensors
  • 2x Digital Inputs
  • Email alarm
  • SNMP support
  • 0.1 C Resolution
IP Watchdog

The IP WatchDog monitors defined function of remote device on two independent channels (each channel controls just one of two relays). If the remote device drops out, the IP Watchdog activates the relay.

The LogTag TICT is a low cost disposable electronic temperature indicator for use in monitoring temperature & time statistics in transport applications of up to 45 days duration.