Seber Technology Products

IP Watchdog

The IP WatchDog monitors defined function of remote device on two independent channels (each channel controls just one of two relays). If the remote device drops out, the IP Watchdog activates the relay.

  • Temperature range -30°C … +60°C
  • Accuracy better than ±0.5°C (typically 0.3°C)
  • Display with integrated rolling 30 day statistics memory
  • 7,770 data points allow 80 days of recording at 15 minute sampling intervals
  • Sampling interval configurable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes


Ares 10 is a cost-effective GSM thermometer for remote monitoring and alarming. Connect up to 3 external sensors (temperature, humidity, light intensity, ...) and 2 contacts (digital detectors). Use the free-of-charge portal to configure the Ares, send alarms or display graphs. Ares 10 GSM/GPRS thermometer is easy to install and can be used anywhere as long as there is GSM coverage.