LogTag TIC20 Temperature Indicator


Current temperature, elapsed time, load status, monitoring status and battery condition can all be seen at a glance at any time during the trip. On arrival at the destination, monitoring can be stopped and the user can then review time and temperature statistics for each day of the trip, up to 20 days maximum.

The LogTag TIC20 is factory pre-configured for one of a range of monitoring profiles. Special profiles are available on request, subject to conditions.

Statistical data can be downloaded from the TIC20 using an interface cradle and freely available LogTag Analyzer operating software if required.

The TIC20 offers an accurate and cost effective solution for monitoring the pharmaceutical cold chain in “last mile” distribution and other applications where full data logging capability is not required.


Factory pre-configured to monitor a range of standard vaccines

Standard 60 minute start delay

Clear indication of temperature history/alarm status at all times

Up to 20 days temperature records can be viewed on the display

Push button Start and Stop. Push Review button to display daily statistics in sequence

Data can be downloaded via an interface cradle and LogTag Analyzer if required

Robust and Accurate. Data collected is secure and cannot be manipulated

Fits easily into packages and can be mailed via letter rate

Factory Standard Configurations:

Type 1 Alarm version DTP, DT, TT, Td, HepB, IPV, liquid Hib, MenAfrivac, HPV and PCV vaccines.

Type 2 Alarm version OPV, freeze-dried BCG, measles, MR, MMR, lyophylized Hib, yellow fever, meningitis, Rabies and Rotavirus vaccines.


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