IP Watchdog

IP Watchdog

The IP WatchDog monitors defined function of remote device on two independent channels (each channel controls just one of two relays). If the remote device drops out, the IP Watchdog activates the relay. This way it is possible to restart the device, shut it down for a specified time or start for example a back-up circuit.

Monitoring of remote device functions:

  • Monitored device receives a PING that is sent periodically from IP Watchdog.
  • Monitored device sends PING periodically to IP Watchdog's IP address.
  • Monitored device works as a WEB server and provides WWW page in periodic intervals on defined URL.
  • Monitored device requests periodically WWW page on defined IP address of Watchdog.

Monitoring of local device functions:

  • Monitored device sends periodically defined string to RS-232 serial port.

Application Examples:

  • Server and router monitoring.
  • Monitoring of network infrastructure.
  • ADSL and cable modem supervision.
  • WIFI AP monitoring.
  • Security and access systems.
  • Backup connection activating in case network connectivity failure.