HWg-STE 2 WiFi Ethernet Thermometer

STE 2 WiFi Termometre

WiFi temperature and humidity sensor with two digital inputs for dry contacts. Connects to the network via WiFi or Ethernet with PoE (802.3af) support.
STE2 wifi thermometer is supplied with a power adapter and a temperature probe. STE2 wifi and ethernet thermometer supports SNMP.
STE2 online thermometer can be connected to the SensDesk online portal or to a SMS gateway.

Three external temperature or humidity sensors can be connected to the STE2 wifi thermometer. The two green Digital Inputs can be used to connect e.g. a dry contact door sensor. Sensor readings and detector states can be monitored over the WEB interface to achieve an online thermometer solution. Text message (SMS) or email alert is sent if the temperature exceeds a specified limit or a contact is closed. A separate product, SMS gateway, is used to send text messages. Supports secure TLS email (SMTP TLS).

  • Software a online portal

    STE2 wifi temperature monitor supports SNMP.
    With the HWg-PDMS software for Windows, data can be displayed in graphs and exported to MS Excel.
    STE2 wireless thermometer can be connected to the SensDesk.com online portal (and a mobile app).


  • Typical applications

    STE2 wlan thermometer is an ideal solution for wireless temperature monitoring in storages or coolers.
    WiFi interface allows for a fast and easy installation. We supply a wide range of humidity and temperature sensors.
    STE2 wifi thermometer sends an e-mail if a temperature is too high or a door is open (dry contact connected to a digital input is closed).
    STE2 is frequently used as a remote temperature sensor wifi / remote temperature monitoring device for remote environment monitoring and temperature alerts, e.g. in a computer room or a production facility.
    Digital inputs can be easily connected to a smoke detector, flood detector, door sensor, window sensor, vibration detector, PIR motion detector, and more.


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WiFi and Cabled Ethernet Option

PoE Support

Integrated Web Server

Web Portal Connection

Easy Mounting

0.1 C Resolution
Email Alarm (SMS alarm supported via SMS Gateway)

SNMP, XML, TLS Support

1 Temperature Sensor ncluded

3 Digital  Sensors supported

2 Digital Inputs

Usage Examples


  • Remote environment monitoring in laboratories
  • Wifi temperature monitoring at remote locations, without network cables.
  • Remote monitoring of environment and machinery in industrial production Temperature monitor for machines, digital inputs detect the states of the machines. Can be connected to a central SCADA monitoring system. Thanks to the wireless link, the wifi temperature monitor can be placed anywhere at the production facility.
  • Freezer/cooler monitoring:Our special temperature sensors for use in refrigerators monitor the temperature in freezing and cooling compartments. The digital thermometer can monitor the storage of medicaments, meat, or other foodstuffs.Sends a TLS email alert if the refrigerator door is open for too long, or the temperature is too high or too low. Logging in the PDMS application or the SensDesk online service. 
  • Remote A/C monitoring STE2 wifi thermometer monitors the temperature at the air conditioner outlet. Detects A/C malfunctions or power outages.Rising temperature points to a failure of the A/C unit.


  • Environment monitoring, power outage detection
  • Server room temperature sensor function. Thanks to PoE ieee 802.3af support, the wifi termometer can be powered from a UPS and works even if the power is out. 
  • Surveillance (camera) systems: Sensor readings and detector states can be fed to IP camera systems of various brands.External detectors (door contacts, PIR, smoke detectors etc.) can be connected to the digital inputs of the STE2 wifi thermometer. 
  • Temperature monitoring at several places: Several STE2 units can be linked to a single account at the SensDesk.com online portal. All readings are accessible anywhere using a web browser or a mobile app for Android and Apple.
  • Food storages: Oversees optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.





Supported Software

UDP Config



Third Party Software:

  •         ActiveXperts NM (Network Monitor)
  •         Axence nVision
  •         CA Unicenter NSM R11
  •         Cacti
  •         CBR little:eye
  •         GFi NSM (Network Server Monitor)
  •         HP OpenView NNM
  •         IBM Tivoli
  •         Intellipool INM
  •         Ipswitch WhatsUp
  •         LoriotPro (LUTEUS)
  •         ManageEngine OpManager
  •         Microsoft MSC Operations Manager 2007 & MSC Essentials 2007
  •         Monitor one (M1)
  •         Nagios (special plugin)
  •         Paessler IPCheck
  •         SNMPc 7 - Castle Rock Computing SNMPc 7
  •         The Dude (Microtik)
  •         Zabbix


  • All HW Group 1-Wire UNI sensors
    • HTemp-1Wire
    • Temp-1Wire
    • HTemp-1Wire Outdoor
    • Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m
    • Humid-1Wire
    • HTemp-Rack19
  • All (Contact) Detectors
    • Door (magnetic)contact
    • Smoke Detector
    • Water Leak Detector
    • Shock Detector
    • Voltage Detector
    • Level Detector
    • PIR Detector
    • Gas Leak Detector
    • Relay outputs